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IPTables Primer

Rules, Chains, and Tables

Iptables rules are grouped into chains. A chain is a set of rules used to determine what to do with a packet. These chains are grouped into tables. Iptables has three built in tables filter, NAT, mangle. More tables can be added through iptables extensions.

Filter Table

The filter table is used to allow and block traffic, and contains three chains INPUT, OUTPUT, FORWARD. The input chain is used to filter packets destined for the local system. The output chain is used to filter packets created by the local system. The forward chain is used for packets passing through the system, mainly used for gateways/routers.

NAT Table

The NAT table is used to setup the rules to rewrite packets allowing NAT to happen. This table also has 3 chains, PREROUTING, POSTROUTING, and OUTPUT. The prerouting chain is where packets come to prior to being parsed by the local routing table. The postrouting chain is where packets are sent after going through the local routing table. The output chain

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