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Javascript Fundamentals

Output to Browser

Simple output

document.write and document.writeln are used to output text to the browser including html tags. The differences in document.write and document.writeln are document.writeln adds a line break at the end.

document.write("Text goes here");
document.writeln("<P>Or you can insert HTML tags</P>");

As you can see document.write and document.writeln can display text, html or variables.

Confirmation boxes

The javascript function confirm will open a popup box with OK and Cancel options. confirm("text to be displayed in the box");. Or var confirmSelection = confirm("Would you like to save changes?"); to set the results to a variable.

var allComplete = confirm ("Is all the information here correct?");

This example pops up a confirm box asking if all the information is correct. This is useful when verifying visitor information in a form.

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