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Javascript Fundamentals

Objects and Classes

Objects are containers. They can hold other objects. Examples of objects include forms, arrays, images, and links. To create an object use var objectName = new Object();. After creating the object child object and properties can be defined.

<SCRIPT TYPE="text/javascript" LANGUAGE="Javascript_1.2">
objectName = new Object();
objectName.childObject = new Object();"String property";

This code creates an object called objectName then creates a child object called childObject. After we created our objects its time to set a value to an object property, which is done just like setting a variable.

Classes are groups of objects that are related in some way. For example if I have the image <IMG src="logo.gif" name="logo" height="60" width="120" alt="logo"> and I want to find the height of it. The height of the image is stored in the object document.images["logo"].height

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