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HTML Basics

Anchors and Links

One of the most important tags you use is the link tag. The link tag is identified by the tag name "A". For Example <A HREF="index.html">Back to index</A> displays Back to index, but when clicked on links back to index.html.

Site content formatting is very important in the presentation of the page.

Bold - <B>
Underline - <U>
Italics - <I>
Strikethrough - <STRIKE>
Center - <CENTER> Centers text <CENTER>This Text will be centered[:/CNETER:]
Brake return - <BR> Brake return places a line break where it is present. No closing tag necessary.
Ex. Brake<BR>return displays as:

These tags can be nested inside each other to combine. For Example <U><I>Will come up underlined and in italics<</I></U>

The paragraph tag <P>. The paragraph tag starts off with the equivalent of 2 <BR>

Title<P>Paragraph starting here</P> displays as:


Paragraph starting here

Header tags make great titles. Header tags are identified by <H1>-<H6>. They vary in size with H1 being the largest and H6 being the smallest.

<H1>Header 1</H1>

Header 1

<H2>Header 2</H2>

Header 2

<H3>Header 3</H3>

Header 3

<H4>Header 4</H4>

Header 4

<H5>Header 5</H5>
Header 5
<H6>Header 6</H6>
Header 6
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