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Installing Apache OfBiz

OfBiz Introduction

OfBiz is an open source ERP/CRM system from the Apache Foundation offering complete accounting/ledger, inventory management, CRM, and project management systems. Also OfBiz includes a complete CRM system and ecommerce shopping cart. OfBiz offers a solid framework for plugin development allowing complete customization. Using OfBiz allows small businesses to compete with larger competitors without the large investments in SAP or Oracle installations.


The best way to download OfBiz is to checkout the latest build from the subversion repository.

$ svn co http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/ofbiz/trunk ofbiz


The install process is as simple as running 'ant' to build the jar files.

# ant

Installing Base Dataset

There is a demo dataset that comes with OfBiz. This is the recommended configuration while experimenting with OfBiz. For production installations installing the minimal seed data is preferred.

Installing Demo Data

The demo data contains a complete example installation of OfBiz. This complete company has a store, example vendors, warehouse, content, etc. This data is an invaluable reference when building a production enterprise.

To install the demo data run

# ant run-install
# java -jar ofbiz.jar -install

Installing Seed Data

The seed data is the recommended dataset to install for a production setup. This just builds the database and prepares the OfBiz backend for use. No default companies or accounts are created.

To install the seed data run

# ant run-install-extseed
# java -jar ofbiz.jar -install -readers=seed,ext

Then create the administrative account

# ant create-admin-user-login

Executing OfBiz

Now that OfBiz has been built and configured it's time to start OfBiz.

# ant run
# ./startofbiz.sh

Once OfBiz has started point a browser to http://HOSTNAME:8080/myportal/control/main/ . If the demo data was loaded the default login is 'admin' with a password of 'ofbiz'.

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