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Using WWW-Mechanize
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Using WWW-Mechanize

Manipulating Forms

Selecting a Form

WWW::Mechanize makes the automation of form submission just a few statements. Access the forms() function for a list of all forms on the page. Forms can be selected for later use with the manipulation functions later by number on page, name, ID, and with specified fields.


Setting Fields

The field and select methods are used to set form fields. The form field requires two fields, one that contains the name of the field, and a second that contains a value. A third value used to select the field when there are multiple fields with the same name is optional.

$m->field('field', 'value', [number]);
$m->select('field', 'value');

The select statement is used to select values in a select field. To select multiple values in a multi select box use an array for the value field.

$m->select('field', $value);
$m->select('field', @values);

Multiple fields can be set in one statement with the set_fields function.

$m->set_fields(field1 => 'value', field2 => 'value');

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