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Network protocols

TCP/IP - Suite of protocols used on the internet and many common LAN designs.
IPX/SPX - Developed by Novell for use in Netware. SPX is a connection oriented protocol. IPX is a connectionless protocol. IPX addresses are eight hexadecimal characters in length.
NetBEUI - NetBIOS Extended User Interface. NetBEUI is a non-routable protocol.
Appletalk - Set of networking protocols designed by Apple Computer. Appletalk is a routable protocol.

TCP/IP Protocol Suite

TCP - Transport layer protocol that provides connection based reliable delivery. ACKS are used to acknowledge receipt of data received.
UDP - Connectionless unreliable protocol for transmitting data. Any error control must be performed at a higher level of the OSI model.
IP - Connectionless protocol responsible for addressing and routing packets
ICMP - Internet Control Message Protocol. ICMP is used to share status and error information. PING and TRACEROUTE are common uses of the ICMP protocol.
ARP - Address Resolution Protocol. ARP Converts IP addresses to hardware MAC addresses.
POP3 - POP3 is a mail protocol. This is used for servers that store mail until the user is ready to receive it.
SMTP - Used to send and receive mail over the internet
IMAP - Internet Message Access Protocol - IMAP is designed for a server to hold a users email until the user can retrieve it.
FTP - Used to transfer files between network devices.
TFP - ftp but not connection oriented.
NTP - Network Time Protocol - used to synchronize computers clocks.
HTTP - Web traffic uses the HTTP protocol.
HTTPS - HTTP protocol using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to protect data.
DHCP - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. DHCP is used to configure hosts network settings
Telnet - remote login access. Telnet is a connection based protocol. Telnet is a server/client based system.
SNMP - SNMP is used to remotely manage and monitor network devices
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